A Part Time Business

Creating A Part Time Business.

Most people I know have, at one time or another, plaid with the idea of creating a part time business. The most common reason for this is the desire to increase their current income, often hoping the business will be sufficiently successful to replace the current job. Before starting to create a part time business, however, one should consider a few criteria in order to make the right choice of business.

Don’t throw your money away!

If you want to increase your current income with a part time business, you don’t want to start by spending tons of money! Look for an opportunity that will cost you as little as possible. It is generally known that the online world offers the best possibilities when it comes to low cost start-up. One of the most interesting ways to start is Affiliate Marketing, promoting some other company’s products for which you receive commissions. But being successful at Affiliate Marketing is not as easy as it may sound! One of the best ways to learn about this, and prepare yourself for success, is to become part of an online community where you can learn about creating a part time business. The internet is filled with such communities and forums, so it shouldn’t take you much time to find one to your liking.

Don’t become a workaholic!

Creating a part time business will cost time and effort. However, you do not want to end up working 60 to 80 hours a week for the next 5 to 10 years (job and business combined)! Your health and social life (family, children) would be seriously at risk, not to mention the possibility of a complete burnout. You would do wise to look for opportunities which offer the possibility to at least partly automate your business. And once again, we are drawn to the online world, since this is the only place where you can create a business which can be automated at over 90%.

Take Action Now!

Many people think about starting a part time business, but never get to actually do it. They keep on postponing, thinking it’s not the right time, or finding some other excuse.

How To Turn Passion Into Profits

Using the Internet to Your Advantage

Meet Marilyn, she runs a profitable hairdressing salon in the center of a busy commercial district. All her life, she wanted to be a hairstylist but never got the opportunity to use her skills to pay her way through college.

Being a neighborhood hairdresser only gave her the chance to barber her services for grocery and a small portion of her tuition. As soon as Marilyn graduated from Business College, she attended a training seminar that taught her how to use her skills to her greatest advantage.

These are the steps she took to turn her passion into substantial profits: She found searchable keywords for her ideas, Chose a Domain Name, Built an attractive Website, Got Web Hosting, Hired a Copywriter and Used Search Engine Visibility.

Step 1. Found Searchable Keywords

When Marilyn decided to start her business, she found appropriate keywords to match her chosen niche market. It is good to give your business your name if it rings melody in others’ ears but it is even better to use a name that identifies clearly, what type of business you offer. Therefore, if you are planning to offer daycare services, it would be wise to use words such as “Tiny Toddlers” “Kindergarten” “Young Ones” “Early Childhood” and similar related words.

The best tool to use for keyword search is the Google Keyword Tool. Using this gem will give ideas of results that could generate from your keyword search. After she searched and found a suitable idea on the web, Marilyn was then ready to choose her domain name.

Step 2. Chose A Domain Name

After choosing the keyword for her idea, Marilyn wanted to secure the right domain name for her business. Finding the right domain name could take hours and when you think you’ve found the perfect name, you might find out it is unavailable. So here is what Marilyn did; she used her web browser to search for keyword phrases

It is important to uses quotations for the phrase in the browser search bar. That means the exact phrase is searched on the Internet and the results shown are also exact. An Example of this is “Barber salon in Brooklyn”. Using the search phrase Barber salon in Brooklyn (without quotations), might yield thousands or even millions of searches.

The right domain name selected must contain relevant keyword phrase or words that tell what type of business you do. You may wonder why some successful companies have names that have no apparent business identity. That happens when that individual or company has endorsements already to promote the business. Most businesses that do this are normally financially stable and can afford to spend money in marketing their business identity on the Internet,

Since Marilyn was starting her business with limited capital, she was wise enough to stick to the script of using keywords and related domain names for the business.

Step 3. Built an Attractive Website

Marilyn had moved beyond just a passionate hobby and was now placing herself to get noticed and start to profit from her idea. How did she do that? She built an attractive website to pull potential buyers or users of her beauty business. Marilyn was offered two options; 1. Use free domains and templates, 2. Use the services of a Web Developer/Designer.

  • Free Websites – There are companies that offer free websites. They provide free hosting as well as a platform to build your website. These web pages have shared hosting and the URL is a sub domain which means it is not officially owned by the user. Shared hosting means that the website space is shared with hundreds or thousands of users and this could compromise your security and bandwidth.

Since Marilyn is not using her website to blog or as a hobby, she chose a private or dedicated hosting plan that goes with her website package.

  • Web Designing Services – This option allowed this smart business woman to purchase a domain name of her choice. Some domain registers provide hosting packages that are affordable. Since Marilyn knew what she intended to do with the website, her hosting plan was suitable for her needs. I will discuss hosting further as we complete the website set up for the beauty salon.

Marilyn’s next step was to get professional help.

Step 4. Hired a Copywriter

One might ask; Who is a Copywriter? A Copywriter is a Marketing Director or Advertising Specialist who uses his or her writing skills to personalize clients’ ideas. They are responsible for creating jingles, slogans, catch-word phrases, content writing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and other online or offline work.

Marilyn thought it was wise to invest in the skills of a Copywriter who is also a Web Designer or Web Developer. She discovered that Web Developers and Web Designers use common web-building platforms to create professional webpages that are attractive and responsive yet affordable. Let us now see what Marilyn did with the website that she built.

Step 5. Got Web Hosting

Marilyn got hosting for her website. It was explained to her that a website is like a piece of furniture in an apartment. The apartment would be classified as the host to facilitate the furniture. Therefore hosting would be the apartment building. Without hosting, the furniture would not be able to provide comfort for the owner.

Therefore hosting a website is essential for the effective running of the website. It allows the website to store files that help to display graphics and content on her website.

As was already explained to Marilyn, there are several hosting packages that will effectively run her website. The more files stored on the websites, (videos, pictures and other software) the more it requires bandwidth or space to run smoothly. Some vendors offer a complete package that goes with the domain purchase. This is an important decision to make and Marilyn considered all her options carefully in choosing her current plan. At this point, Marilyn was ready to put the news out there.

Step 6. Used Search Engine Visibility

It was pointed out to Marilyn that there are over 900 million users on the World Wide Web. Some of these users could be potential users of her business idea. However, there could be hundreds or thousands of businesses with similar ideas on the Internet. This is where Marilyn decided to employ SEO services in her contract to get full visibility among other competitors.

There were several methods that were used to get search engine crawlers to rank Marilyn’s websites. Ranking is essential as it places your webpage in key positions on the search engines. The most popular search engines are Google, Yahoo and Bing. Google is the number one search engine in the world and most website owners vie for positions on this widely used medium. Therefore it was wise to use SEO to get the results she needed.

Having set up content and the right keywords on the front of her web page, Marilyn was able to compete with the rest of the world. Her passion that she had years ago, has now turned into a profitable money machine. Thanks to the Internet, she is now able to use her passion for styling and cutting hair, to achieve substantial profits. She owes it all to technology and the Internet.

Defining Your Ideal Customer

Why does every business have to define their ideal customer or client? The reason is very simple, this knowledge forms the foundation of all of your sales and marketing efforts.

This may well begin as a broad brush strokes activity, after all, you probably have a fairly good idea of what they’re like, of who they are. As you progress through this definition process, it will need to become more and more refined. Until, it drills down to one person, a friend in the crowd.

Your Customer’s Avatar

An avatar is a character that you create to represent someone on the internet. And since most of your marketing activities are going to be internet based, this is a useful concept to use.

People buy from you depending on how you make them feel. They may subsequently justify their buying decisions logically, but their core motivation is emotional.

So by knowing in great detail who they are, you can predict what will motivate them emotionally.

Your customer drives all of your marketing decisions, such as:

  • Available Targeting Options
  • Sales Promotions They Will Respond To
  • Social Proof They Need
  • Advertising That Reaches Them
  • Web Copy Which Speaks To Them

Your Customer’s Demographic Profile

One of the easiest places to begin, is with the demographic profile of your ideal customer. I’m not going into any great detail on this, as there are a ton of references on the internet which can assist you with this process.

Advanced Customer Demographics

What I am going to show you more about are how to use free internet tools to get up close and personal with your ideal customer. The example tool I am going to use here is Facebook. As it is one of the most popular social media platforms. If your typical customer cannot be found here, then find the social media platform that they most frequent.

The other thing you will need are several web addresses (URL’s) of your direct competitors.

Here’s the process:

Go to Facebook:

  1. Put in a competitor’s website URL and look for their Facebook Page or Group
  2. If they have one, check the comments section and see who has been active
  3. Look at demographics of their commenter’s that match your demographic profile
  4. Look at their profile, click on their About tab
  5. In their About tab, see what’s there. Especially their likes, and if they relate to what you’re selling
  6. Repeat with other people and website URL’s. Look for what the majority of them have in common
  7. Carry on until you think you have a detailed profile.

Your Customer’s Voice

The reason a social media platform is recommended, and why you are so interested in the comments section, is that you are aiming to discover your Customer’s Voice.

By discovering their unique language, their words and commonly used phrases, you will know exactly what they like and don’t like, and how to speak to them.

Being able to speak to them in their voice is incredibly powerful, they will feel as if you somehow know them, you get them, you understand their wants and frustrations. And, of course, this ability is at the heart of effective communication and marketing.

You will also discover that important key ingredient, how they feel. And, as mentioned above, people buy from you depending on how you make them feel.

David R. Durham, B2B Copywriter.

I specialise in writing for the online business world in both copywriting and content writing. I am also an experienced digital marketer and web designer, both of which skill bases contribute greatly to the richness and insights of my online writing.

Tips to Create Engaging Content

Although using keywords in the contents of your website is very important, you should always concentrate more on the quality of the content you present. You want to write informative and engaging articles or posts that will appeal to your target audience. Your main purpose is to get them to your page, and make them stay for a while.

Getting people to your website should be a natural part of all the content you put out on the web. Wherever you put your content, you should always include a link back to your website.

Content types may change, but the value you get from content doesn’t change. Spend time creating the perfect content and soon you will realize the full value of what you have written, and where you have placed it.

Watch Your Competitors

Get to know how your competition works. Spend time on their pages, reading and learning. Do they post often? Do they use a ghost writer, or do they do all their own writing? Do they allow guest authors on their site?

Learn the answers to these questions and you can figure out a way to do things in a completely different way. Don’t forget to check out how your competitors promote and share their content.

Unique Content

All of your content should be unique and relevant to your brand or business. This does not mean you have to write all the content.

In fact, when you invite guests to write for you, you allow more unique knowledge to be shared on your pages. The more relevant and informative your content is, the more value you provide to your readers.

Provide Answers

Instead of waiting for people to write to you and ask questions, go to them. There are message boards, forums, blogs, etc. in every imaginable niche. Search out yours and find questions to answer. Take these questions back to your blog and write out a well detailed answer.

Go back to the place where you found the questions and inform the readers that they can find a detailed answer on your website. Drop a link to your site – where you ‘just so happen to have’ the answers to their questions.

Because there is already a built-in market wanting to know what you know, they will be thrilled when you share your expertise.

Involve Your Readers

One of the ways to learn how to create engaging content for article writing is to involve your readers. You can easily accomplish this by asking a question at the end of all your articles, posts, or videos.

Offer your readers some type of prize for correct answers, or even for just participating. The more they participate, the more engaged they will become.

Interacting with your readers about the content of your webpages will give you more incentive to create better and better content. Keeping your readers happy will keep you productive. One naturally feeds the other.

Promote Yourself and Promote Your Content

You have wonderful content on your website or blog, you want to continually promote yourself. Make generous use of Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites to let your followers know of any new content on your site.

Visit these social media sites and talk about your articles, answering questions already posted and especially those directed at you. Don’t forget to send them to any page where you have thoroughly answered a question already asked.

These questions and answers are simply content that should be promoted whenever the opportunity arises. Engage your readers and they will find their way to your website.

My name is Juan Rademacher, and I confess, I am obsessed with traffic. That’s because after years of frustration trying to get traffic to my websites, I’ve discovered the power of some easy, time-tested methods for FREE, and low-cost traffic generation.

5 Business Marketing Ideas for Newbies

I hear this a lot, business owners and authors who just want to run their businesses or write. They hate marketing and often don’t know where to begin. I get it, believe me. Marketing isn’t easy, especially if you still have a full time job (i.e. running the business) or you’re just starting out writing and have a million other things you need to do (like write your next book). The irony here is that if you don’t market, no one will know about you.

Marketing on the internet has become increasingly common if you want to get in the limelight and become successful. But many people seem to bother a lot when it comes to marketing their business over internet because bringing business online is undoubtedly a tiring task.

But be it your B2C or B2B marketing strategy, I have got you covered here by bringing along some really amazing business marketing ideas together that you should surely take a look at if you are planning to take your business online.

Build Your Fan Following

What else you need more than someone speaking positively about your brand? Being new in the business need a lot of hard work to develop a customer base but with the internet, it has become easy to build-up your fan base and expand your business.

Building a fan base is one of the best business marketing ideas and is important to the success of business because when you start your business, you want to be heard aloud and need people who talk about you and your brand so that your voice could reach out to your customers.

One good reason of having fans is people nowadays not only believe what you are selling, they believe what everyone is talking about.

Therefore, fans out there can not only take your marketing message to your customers but can also turn out to be your potential customers in the long run. So you must invest in building fans.

Add Product/Bloggers Reviews

Product reviews are a great way to clear all doubts of your customers and build trust when you are new in the business. It sounds little tiring but yes, if you find a few bloggers from your industry and ask them to write product reviews, it will drive you pretty abundant traffic. All you have you do is provide a complimentary sample to bloggers and have them write a review on their blog.

BeaytyPedia is specifically designed to reviews and rate cosmetic products that actually work.

Initially two blog reviews mean you’ll have eight product reviews in a month, and that’s pretty awesome business marketing idea to develop trust and credibility in the business market.

Stay Ahead With Amazon Optimization

I’m a big fan of Amazon Optimization because it really works and a trend has been noticed that product search during past 7 years has been shifted from the hands of Google to Amazon directly. So Amazon could be a big platform to market your product right away and get found. All you need to do is check for your keyword categories and threads and replace your keyword with a long tail key phrase.

Bring it on Social Media and Your Blog

Are you just in the beginning phase of setting up your business and already running short of time when I’m asking you to manage a blog and appear on social media? It has its risks, but it comes with rewards as well; reward in shape of lots of traffic and leads. And that’s what you want right?

The best way out is to think blog and social media as one of your promotional campaign that will bring you more and more traffic. Invest time in writing blog post related to your industry trends and upcoming products. To add spice, you can come up with inspiring out-of-the-box blog sections.

Social media is another one of the proven business marketing ideas because in this era of globalization, you want to have people know about your brand and interact with them on social platforms. This doesn’t at all mean you need to appear on all social platforms; rather, all you need to do is find out a suitable and relevant platform that your customers are more likely to use.

Try the Traditional Email Newsletter Technique

You might have heard the proverb, “out of sight, out of mind.” And that’s true in terms of business as well where your customers are showered with abundant products and services everywhere on the internet, television, radio, through podcasts and many more, so you can never expect your customer to remember you.

Know that success is not only constrained to making big difference only, small continuous efforts bring more positive results. A newsletter with opt-in button will remind your audience of you over and over again and it can pay off in big ways.

The Financial Benefits of Inbound Marketing

As the rules of marketing change, we encounter more evidence that changing your marketing approach from an outbound strategy, to an inbound strategy is not only more effective, it will bring many financial benefits with it. Recent research says that 75% of all business to consumer companies from all industries are currently using inbound marketing to attract more customers.

Inbound marketing reduces your cost per lead, and improves the quality of this leads, saving you time and money. According to Search Engine Journal, inbound leads cost 60% less than outbound leads, and studies show that companies that create good online content generate 67% more leads every month than those that don’t.

Another financial benefit is that inbound marketing is multi-channel, which means that it consists of different components that are easy to manage without having to spend a lot of capital to maintain.

Some of these channels are blogging, search engine optimization(SEO), social media content, videos, whitepapers, eBooks, e-newsletters, public speaking, webinars, or any opportunity to produce valuable content that will grab your potential customers’ attention in the channel where they want to interact with you.

Inbound marketing gives you the opportunity to become an influencer in your industry by growing your followers and becoming an authority in your specific niche. The more people are talking about you in, for example, social media, the more followers or reposts you have, the more authority your brand has.

The financial benefits are many, when it comes to inbound marketing, the more you devote in creating great content, the greater your return. Creating valuable content is more about commitment rather than budget.

Writing an article and posting it on your blog requires less time and money than buying a magazine add, or filming a television commercial, just think of how much you would have to pay for the equipment to film the commercial, the actors, director, etc. Consider the amount of time people spend online, it is a lot easier for people to find you if your content doesn’t appear as an advertisement, but instead provides interesting material that the consumer will be interested in reading, or watching.

Hiring an Inbound marketing firm only costs a fraction of what an advertising agency will charge, inbound marketing is more about publishing the right content in the right place at the right time, your marketing becomes relevant and helpful to your customers, not interruptive.

Instead of spending your money and time creating interruptive ads, think of all the financial benefits and the attention your brand could get by having the right content posted on your social media accounts, people already spent 23% of all their online time on some kind of social media. Quality content hardly ever goes unnoticed, and so will your company if you create a good inbound marketing campaign.

Create a People-Focused Marketing Approach With Effective Digital Marketing Services

Digital media is pervasive today and customers have access to information any time, any where. Be it for shopping, news, entertainment or social interaction, consumers are now exposed to a wide variety of information, and therefore, companies must amp up their digital marketing services to retain customer attention.

Managing customer relationships across various digital channels is extremely important for brands today. Effective digital media services can always lead to customer engagement and business ROI. However, the digital strategies have to be relevant and of great quality, in order to attract customers towards a particular product. Some of the strategies include brand strategy, content marketing, data analytics, relevant advertising campaigns, digital media planning and buying, search engine optimization, social media marketing and technology. Creative and world-class digital strategies can help in amping up the returns of a business significantly.

It is important for companies to unleash the potential of online marketing and how it can impact customer behaviour. Insights-driven strategies, performance driven search marketing, powerful technology and eye-catching graphs, can all contribute to effective marketing.

Nowadays, there are companies which outsource digital media services to online marketing agencies. Such an agency is equipped with experts who are skilled enough to implement effectual digital tools and strategies for best business results. Such a marketing agency eases the job of big brands by creating content that forges a deeper connection with the brand. What makes the digital consumers follow and connect with a brand are some of the following digital strategies:

Brand strategy: It takes access to insights and data for effective brand building strategies. Creating a connected brand requires the right mix of marketing across various digital channels. A full suite of strategic digital services can help a brand connect with the customers better. Understanding the brand’s strengths and weaknesses and realizing why should audiences engage with the brand is really important. Accordingly, digital strategies can be tailored to suit the business requirements.

Data Analytics: Merely collecting data is not enough. Brands need to make optimizations after data collection, in order to create powerful impact on the business ROI. Brands need to take digital initiatives that involve mining and analysis. Through such audience analysis, brands must build people-focused marketing techniques and work towards attracting more customers.

Content Marketing: Smart digital marketers know the power of content and the way it can drive engagement and brand performance. Creating good quality content, optimizing it, packaging it right for relevant audiences and making it shareable, is the key to good online marketing. Companies are also resorting to mobile-first technologies for sharing top-tier content, which, in turn, is heightening audience awareness about a brand and its services.

Social Media Marketing: It’s important to stand out from the rest by not only producing great quality content but also floating them in specific social media platforms where your audiences will consume the content.

Search Engine Optimization: People use search to cut out the middleman and go straight to the pages that they want to see. And for this, staying visible online is really important. As a result, a comprehensive search engine optimization strategy is really important. Speaking your customers’ language and offering them what they’re looking for is of prime importance. And this can only be achieved by studying customer behaviour and implementing a marketing strategy to maximize ROI.

What Marketing Automation Means?

The very basic formula of any marketing is:

Defining Prospects + Contact Details + Campaign = Marketing

The act of automating these steps with the help of technology and software turns it into Marketing Automation.

Thus, when with the help of a business software some or many steps of marketing are handled automatically by a software or application, that’s called marketing automation.

Beginning of Marketing Automation

So, at the beginning, when computer and internet were new and weren’t matured as much as they are today, the marketing companies used to compile a long list of prospective clients and then send them the same mail one by one. Then someone invented a function by which people were able to enlist all email IDs in one email and send a bulk email.

We can call that the first Marketing Automation attempt as the system had automated one part of the marketing campaign. Now there was no need to send each individual one by one. It was now done with a single click. Though, you had to create a database of all the email IDs first, but the repetitive process of composing the same email for every individual was discarded.

From the that time on, people have just built upon the same idea, transformed more manual steps into the automatic ones and more and more repetitive efforts performed by executives has turned into automated ones.

Today, it is possible to send one mail to a thousand (or a million) people without writing a single word, without entering email IDs manually or hitting send at the moment you want send it.

How? A few types of mails have readymade formats available for free. You can take that format as the body of your mail. Then there are services which provide you list of email IDs in the domains you require. And then on an email client, you schedule your emails to automatically be sent without your presence. See? Nothing is written and yet you have sent thousands of emails with a few clicks.

Though, such email with readymade templates will have a very low conversion rate. Yet, it reflects the reach and advancements in the marketing automation segment. You are only required to tell the software what you want to do and then, everything is done automatically.

Marketing Automation: Intelligence Gathering

Marketing Automation software has gone advanced and thus they have also made the every steps of marketing advanced. The aforementioned simple formula of marketing has become complex, much more focused, centralized and aligned for the maximum ROI. Nowadays, only gathering lists of email IDs isn’t enough. For maximum efficiency you have more software and techniques to discard the people and steps which have less possibility to turn into conversion. You can target only those people who have higher likability of turning into a customer.

How you/software know that?

Today, in the times of matured internet with the social media sites, increased internet footprints, there is software available which follows and tracks a person’s internet footprint on social media, search engines, different websites and all the things they click and look out for on the internet. After that, the software segmentizes the data and turns it into actionable information. Basing on that information, the tool suggests you the people which are most likely to convert into customer as they are probably following the similar things which falls into the product category of your product or their interests and search results suggests that they are interested into the product you are selling i.e. a person running a big firm is more likely to buy your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system than a man who sells candies at a local shop. Thus, you can discard the people who aren’t going to buy your product and focus only on the people with higher likability. This way, your spending on mail clients shows higher ROI with maximum efficiency. The rate of replies, mail openings, leads and ultimately to the conversion also stays high.

Thus, the software and tools are helping to maximize your performance by intelligence gathering from online sites and people’s online footprints. Collected intelligence is helping you to do marketing efficiently, smartly and with higher return.

Marketing Automation: Workflow Automation inside the Company

There is this third part of the marketing automation which furthers the game to the next level which makes sure that you are always there to close the deal for any customer who is interested in your product. It’s called Workflow Automation.

Workflow Automation actually tracks the performance of the recent marketing campaign and sees if the prospect has reached to a level where he is considering buying your product. He is probably visiting your website regularly, spends longer time on it or is visiting the product pricing page. At that time, the marketing automation software understands the prospect’s higher possibility of turning into a conversion. At that critical time, the software sends to one of your marketing executive an alert for such a prospect who, from there on, can take predefined steps to ensure the prospect turns into a conversion. The Marketing Automation Software are looking at the people’s profiles, habits, nature and collective psychographic data to understand if he will be interested in your product or not.

That’s marketing automation at its maximum performance.

You can understand that all the marketing automation tricks, techniques and ways described here are just the extensions of the decades old basic marketing formula. Those three steps are now highly matured with their own sub-parts, polished to a level where the conversion ration stays high, with segmented information about the prospects to target only the best ones and achieve results with far higher leads and conversions than its basic counterpart.

Marketing Automation isn’t only for Email Marketing.

That’s true. Whenever a person thinks of online marketing, email marketing pops up the first. But, as its well-known, there are a lot of other ways to market your product online. Social media posts, online conferences/calls/webinars, website promotion, advertisements, etc. There are a lot of options and each one is a marketing effort.

Now, in each of these techniques, if there is a Marketing Automation Software available which is making a few steps automatic i.e. posting on multiple social media sites at once or posting articles/press releases automatically on multiple article directories or article/PR submission sites, then that software is helping in your marketing campaign and is making it automatic. That is also a marketing automation software.

Marketing Automation isn’t bound only to email marketing.

How to know if you require a marketing automation software?

The criteria is simple. If you rely on email marketing, social media marketing and other traceable online marketing techniques, then here are the situations to use a marketing automation software:

  1. If you are repetitively sending thousands and thousands of emails to your prospect on daily/weekly/monthly basis
  2. You require a detailed review of your marketing campaign
  3. Using a software reduces cost/time/efforts spent on the task greatly


Benefits of marketing automation are:

  1. It accelerates the whole campaign tremendously
  2. Marketing Intelligence helps you to target only prospects with higher conversion possibility
  3. Your employees get great support to track down and assist the most interested prospect. Thus, it goes to the last mile to ensure one more deal is closed.
  4. The detailed analytics and statistics help you to get better and better with your every campaign

We follow Blue Ocean Strategy, Strategic Marketing, Global Business Development and other ways to generate leads and conversions for your business.

5 Traits You Need To Have To Be A Successful Digital Marketer

Have you always wanted to be a digital marketer? Here are 5 attributes that you should have for you to be a success:

Be flexible to change

Just like in any other technology driven area, the digital marketing arena changes fast. The strategies that worked yesterday may not work today. A great example is the SEO aspect of marketing. Years ago SEO was more technical, but this isn’t the current situation. Nowadays it thrives on content creation and relationship building. This means that if you are marketer and you rely on the technical aspects of SEO you will head nowhere.

Veteran marketers recommend that you always be ready to change and use the methods that are working at the current time. They recommend that you should be scared of remaining stagnant.

Be hungry of information

As mentioned, the digital marketing world is fast paced and just like any other fast evolving field you will be left behind if you don’t move with it. To know the current trends you need to develop hunger for knowledge. The easiest way of going about it is regularly reading authoritative websites.

Be competitive in nature

The whole essence of marketing is getting your name or that of your product or service out in the market. For you to make sales you need to trump your competitors. This calls for you to have thorough knowledge of your competitors and what they are doing right and wrong. Always aim at improving on the best strategies used by your competitors and capitalise on the mistakes that they do.

Be a lover of data

There is no point of doing marketing if you don’t know where you are coming from and where you are going. To know how you are progressing you need to track your traffic and conversions. To do this you use analysis and reporting tools that present information in form of data. You should be able to interpret the numbers and understand how to use them to your advantage.

Be creative

In your journey in digital marketing you will come across road blocks. To go past the handles you should be creative and device ways of keeping on with the journey. For example, if your content marketing tactics aren’t working, you should be able to come up with ideas on how to create content that will give you more success.

3 Most Common Mistakes When Starting an Online Business

The triumph of gaining your financial freedom and independence is mind-blowing. Having an online business can be spectacular. You determine your own working hours and your own place of business. What’s not to like about it?

Let me tell you what. Online business can also be frightening, scary and painful at the same time. The ticket to success is not free of charge.

Have you ever wondered how some people succeed with their online business?

So have I. When I started my own online business, I made all 3 mistakes that I’m describing below. Let me explain all about them, so you can avoid them from the start.

I started my online endeavors with no big plan in mind. All I knew was that I want to start an online business and that was it.

I listened about all the amazing stories about people making a fortune online and I said to myself: “What the heck, I will try that too!” I don’t consider myself to be a dumb person. Besides, how hard could it be anyway?

So I started with building my own webpage. I was familiar with SEO from my job and I read all the Google SEO recommendations for 2016. I knew that the content is the king. So I started producing content. Nothing out of the ordinary, basically just stuff I learned, while I was still working for others. During my regular employment I gained a lot of experience in the field of digital project, project management, animation, publishing and so on.

I published a piece of good quality content every now and then. Producing quality content went quite well, because I had a lot to share. But soon I realized I’m not getting any readers. I made a Facebook page. I posted links there. I built subscription forms and so on and so on. But not much happened. I wasn’t getting any readers. No one was subscribing to my newsletter.

Then I realized I had no idea what I was doing. I had no plan. So the first mistake I made was:

1. Not having a plan

You don’t need to have a formal business plan or anything fancy like that at all, but you do need a plan. A plan for:

    • Content creation and publishing – Once a week, twice a week, every day. Anything, as long as you have a plan that you know you’ll be able to follow. Decide what you can deliver and then stick to it. Be consistent. Readers love the routine. If you deliver astonishingly great content every Wednesday, people will expect it. So you better deliver, or they will leave.


    • Sharing content – Start small and use a social media platform that is familiar to you. Mine was Facebook. I wasn’t there much before, but at least I knew something about it. It would be best though, if you concentrate social media starting efforts on platform where your audience is. Speaking of:


    • Target audience – Deciding about content will give you an idea about what your ideal audience is or vice versa. Once you determine that, you can research about where they most commonly hang out in the digital world. Is it Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, dedicated forums? Whatever you find out, you need to go there as well. Think about demographics, their interests, their needs and what they can afford.


  • What products to sell – This is very much related to demographics of your target audience. You cannot sell a $10.000 product to someone who can only afford to buy a $100 product at most. You cannot just put a product on your web page and hope for the best. Again you need a plan.

Further down the line, you will definitely need to adjust your overall plan. But have your initial plan in front of your eyes the whole time. Eyes on the target.

Setting your long term goals is just as important as setting the short term ones. Keep them somewhere in front of you at all times, as your constant reminder of what your direction is.

If you find yourself working on something else, look at the written goal in front of you and ask yourself: “Is this activity getting me closer to my goal?” If your answer is no, stop doing it right away and direct your focus to your goal achieving activities.

Another piece of advice. You might want to keep a list of things to do, a schedule of sorts if you will, to keep you on track for the times when you get distracted. And let me tell you from my experience, it happens so fast and covertly as well. You don’t even realize it when an hour went by, while distractions had been occupying your attention.

2. Focusing on little stuff

When I started, I was spreading myself too thin on all the tasks that needed to be done. I’m a designer and animator by profession. The thing is, I haven’t been working in the field for almost a decade. But I tasked myself with making my own logo, designing and setting up my own custom web page.

Don’t do that. Once you start a business, treat it like a business. You’re an entrepreneur so do entrepreneurial stuff and leave the design stuff to designers. I realized I would have never taken off my business if I would have been doing all the work myself. In the end I decided to use WordPress. I picked a theme I liked and worked with that. It doesn’t really matter how the web page looks like at the beginning anyhow, as long as the content is readable and call to action buttons are visible enough to get users to click on them. Hopefully.

I was very much against using WordPress for numerous reasons, top one being lack of control of the coding and SEO. But concentrating on it at the beginning of the business makes no sense at all. I will not be able to compete with organic traffic for a while anyway. So what’s the point?

Just take a look at Google. Do you still remember their minimalistic homepage? Even now, it hasn’t changed all that much from that. But when you look behind the first visual impression, it offers an awesome service. This is something you should concentrate on as well, service, not how to make things look pretty. Unless, of course, you’re a designer and you’re selling your design services online.

Get someone else to do the following stuff for you once you reach that point in your business, but you mostly don’t need it from the start anyway:

  • design a logo, business cars, stationary (if you use it), pretty web page,
  • more social media channels coverage, once you outgrow the basic ones,
  • accounting,
  • email services,
  • and so on and on.

3. Underestimating things

Since I can remember, I had issues with setting the correct timeframe for task completion. My tendency to underestimate was enormous. I thought it would’ve taken an hour to complete a task, but it took 3. I thought I could’ve finished all the tasks I planned for the day, but I had been left with more than half of them unchecked.

I underestimated a whole lot more.

I had a vague idea of how online marketing works. I had a slightly better idea about how social media marketing works. Well, I was wrong. I only thought I did.

Nothing worked as I had thought it would. Since the last time I did any of those social activities, a lot had changed. Facebook logic is completely different now. Of course, they want to make money. Google Ads became quite expensive. Organic traffic from Google is impossible to achieve, well, at least for certain keywords. And let me not go into my expectations about timeframe I had in mind for getting results. It’s embarrassing.

Let me tell you one thing I learned, though: “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” And neither will your success. There are tactics you can use to get to your success faster, but even with those, there’s a lot of work involved.

Here are some tips for you:

    • Don’t think that making money online is easy – You might find some get rich quick schemes out there, you might even earn some money with them, even overnight. But after that scheme is gone, you’ll be looking for a new one. As for the long term goal of making money online, I’m talking about sustainable income for years, is hard work. And after that, it’s a lot of hard work.


    • Success will come, just not overnight – If you’re diligent every single day. You produce quality content and get it out there for your perfect audience to see, they are bound to find it. Sooner or later. But don’t expect success overnight. It might have happened to some people, but it’s more likely we just don’t know the whole story of that particular online millionaire. Consistently take action. Every day. Persistence is the key.


    • Do not multitask, focus instead – Concentrate on one thing at a time. Implement it. Finish it. Whatever you need to do to successfully get it out of your way, and only then move on to the next one. Believing in a myth, that you will achieve more in less time with multitasking, is just plain crap. Maybe multitasking works, but just maybe, if one task is something you do on a complete autopilot and you don’t need any brain power for it, and the other task is something you need your brain for. Like listening to a podcast while riding a bike.


  • Don’t put too much on your plate – Get what you can eat, finish it and then go get seconds. Or you might even need to digest it first. Don’t take too many things on at the same time. Again, you will spread yourself too thin and you will not accomplish anything with it. Don’t jump between jobs and don’t test multiple income streams at the same time. Pick one or two, get it to work and use it if it works. If it doesn’t work, abandon it and try a new one.

Think big. Grow your ideas. Set your goals. But work on one at the time. You’re in for the long haul. It doesn’t matter all that much that you might need to suffer through first few months or a year. Not if you have your why in front of you.

This is my last tip for today. You decided to start your own online business, or you’re in the process of doing so. Think deeply about your why.

Why do you want to have this business?

What is the reason for it?

Think about it long and hard. And you better come up with a pretty damn good answer, one that is so very important to you, one that will keep you motivated, when things don’t go quite as well as you planned, or hoped for.

Your why for your goal must be clearly defined and very, very important to you. When you get to that kind of why, you will succeed no matter what the project is that you take on.